TIL Kuwait provides management services to help your business run more efficiently. We work with your business in areas such as accounting management, computerisation and HR planning, helping you to use information rather than simply generate it.

TIL Kuwait is registered with the Ministry of Commerce, Kuwait and is located in Bahrain Street, Salmiya.

TIL Kuwait is affiliated with TIL Scotland Ltd., which has been serving businesses worldwide for over 30 years. TIL Scotland Ltd provides a range of services to help manage competence, which in turn, helps to achieve an organization’s HR strategic objectives.

Mr. Virgil Hundtofte, Director, TIL Scotland Ltd., currently assigned to Kuwait has consulted for international organizations and governments on development planning contracts in Middle East, Far East, Africa and Europe. The areas where Mr. Virgil has extensive involvement include recruitment, on-boarding of new graduates, career development, job promotion, succession planning and organisational analysis.

TIL Kuwait benefits from the experience of Santhana K Srinivasan (Vasan) who has gained over 25 years experience in all areas of accounting and finance. Vasan has been involved in the review of manuals and serves as a member of the Education Board of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, USA.

Let’s work together and improve on what we have.

Let’s work together and improve on what we have.

And that is what we do at TIL. We work with you to improve on what you have.

Concentrate and build on your strength, i.e., YOUR BUSINESS. Whether it is your Accounting Process, Reporting, Reviews, Staff Recruitment and Training, or Computerization, leave it to us. That is OUR BUSINESS and our strength.

“Formulas – which sometimes we call ‘experience’ – mean that we do things in certain ways because we know those ways have worked before. We personally need to challenge ourselves to think differently and not rely on old formulas.” - John Simmons, We, Me, Them & It.

Here is an opportunity to challenge yourself and think differently.

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